Power customer support, success, and sales with up‑to‑date product knowledge.

An intelligent Chrome Extension that ensures your team’s knowledge is quick to access and always up-to-date.

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Unify your existing knowledge tools

Don't waste your time rebuilding yet another knowledge base. Use our powerful integrations to bring all your existing knowledge to Omni within seconds.

Verify any document as accurate

Search all your knowledge sources from one place

Detect when your knowledge goes out of date

External Verification widget that appears on Confluence, Google Drive, Zendesk, Notion, and Dropbox. Track external documents and assign verification intervals with one click.Universal search that instantly surfaces results from Omni cards and your company's integrations.Natural language processing automatically detects changes in your sources of truth like Asana and Jira and flags information as out of date.

The fastest way to access knowledge today

As a Chrome Extension, Omni searches for relevant knowledge on any webpage, reducing the time and effort it takes you to find an answer to your question.

Smart suggestions while talking to customers

Add instant screen recordings

Document important message in Slack

Chrome Extension parses browser text and provides automatic suggestions while reps talk to customers in Zendesk.Native screen-recording feature that uploads instantly to the cloud and allows for instant sharing and discussion.Powerful Slack integration that allows for search and creation of knowledge from with Slack, capturing threads and detecting duplicate knowledge.

Everyone contributes to the collective goal

Build a strong team culture around knowledge. As your organization grows, your team will trust and rely on your internal knowledge, making them effective at what they do best.

Set knowledge targets for team members

Receive Reports to quantify your team's performance

Add owners responsible for maintaining knowledge

Dashboard that enables admins to assign goals for card creation, search, and ownership. Motivates employees and promotes internal knowledge culture.Weekly email report that tracks team and individual performance around creation, search and maintenance of up-to-date knowledge.Add owners on cards to distribute responsibility of knowledge base upkeep and automatically notify team members when information becomes outdated.
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Omni works with the tools you’re already using.

It finds information in your knowledge sources, helps you document knowledge form your communication channels, and suggests information when you’re on customer-facing platforms.

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